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About DJ Tanner

All Kinds of Parties!

If you want the party started right, you can count on DJ Tanner to do just

that. DJ Tanner has continually developed his Djing abilities throughout his 19 year DJ career and has built a solid reputation in the Niagara Region for being Niagara's Premier DJ. DJ Tanner never disappoints a crowd whether at an Event, Wedding, Stag & Doe, Bar or other corporate and social events.

Great Music!

The unique element that DJ Tanner brings is being able to cater music and performance specifically to an event and the crowd. Having an arsenal of thousands of music videos that cross various genres (funk, rock & roll, old school, top 40, country & mash-ups) and eras (1950’s to present) DJ Tanner thrives on taking requests and mixing the requests in right away, never playing the same set twice and continually providing great djing at all events!

Why Choose DJ Tanner ?

Audiences can expect a high paced trip through many different styles of

music alongside visuals that will make you dance, think and have a great

time!  DJ Tanner’s ability to create unique video edits to accompany a wide selection of musical taste has placed DJ Tanner a step above the rest. More than your average DJ, DJ Tanner is an audio visual artist known for DJ Tanner Video Edits!

DJ Tanner always provides exceptional DJ (VJ) Service & you can rely on DJ Tanner to entertain your guests and take your party to the next level! #DjTanner1998 #ohmylanta

#TeamWolfDJs @ Niagara Wine Festival

★A. Skillz ★ Jump Around ★ DJ Tanner Video Edit ★

★ WBBL ★ Dibby Thing ★ DJ Tanner Video Edit ★

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