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DJ Tanner is a step above your average DJ.

DJ Tanner's passion for life & music, combined with past experiences in Accounting & being a 4-Diamond waiter, blended with creativity & uniqueness,  sets DJ Tanner apart from the average Disc Jockey.

DJ Tanner takes time to create and craft funky & unique DJ Tanner Video Edits, which add to the great selection of music and allows DJ Tanner to DJ using 2 Turntables with Video.

DJ Tanner's love of djing, has lead to some incredible DJing opportunities.  Opening up for some high caliber Artists from around the world - People Under The Stairs (2x), Quantic, Skratch Bastid(4x), A. Skillz, DJ Nu-Mark, Maseo from De La Soul, DJ Dopey, Fort Knox Five etc.

Unique to Niagara Region Canada and beyond, DJ Tanner’s 19 years of DJ experience (CPDJA member) and ability to create unique video edits to accompany a wide selection of musical taste has placed DJ Tanner a step above the rest. Linking up with DJs and producers from around the world, DJ Tanner's Funky Video Edits have circled the internet, opening other DJ’s eyes to the possibilities that DJ Tanner has laid the ground work for.

DJ Tanner is easy to talk to, cares about your event and caters to everyone!  A passion to please allows DJ Tanner's DJ Services the chance to excel at any DJ occasion!


DJ Tanner's Story

Started Djing November 1998. Saving up to buy 2 Technic 1200 turntables, American DJ Mixer and crates of records.  Given the idea for a DJ name of "DJ Tanner" via best man, Mike Chess, with reference to DJ Tanner from Full House (Candace Camereon) A unique playful DJ Name that had potential for a slogan "Funk, Soul & Old School for the whole family!"  Clever play on words and spin of DJ Tanner (pun intended!)  DJ Tanner spent over 2 years listening and making mix tapes. (yes tapes & walkmans) DJ Tanner focused on general beat mixing, turntablism - baby scratches & cuts.  Able to DJ in between Figure Four @ RHCP band's sets, in St. Catharines, lead to increased opportunity DJing at numerous bars and events in Niagara Region.

Next Steps...

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